The Den - Denver


Brandon is that Nice Jewish Boy of your dreams! From skiing to golfing, he does it all. He even knows his way around the kitchen. Moving from Vail, Brandon brings his hospitality expertise to The Den, enhancing the quality and experience of all of the incredible events.

Denver Den Resident

Brandon Fisher


Welcome our newest resident!

Denver Den Resident

Yaakov Bekhor


Max moved to Denver in March of 2018 and is loving it! He is so happy to live in a place with both mountains and Jewish life. Max joined The Den to help build the Young Jewish Professional community in Denver into the best there is! When he is not at The Den, you can usually find Max hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Denver Den Resident

Max Alpert


aris face.png

After graduating from Rutgers University and living in the NYC area,  Ari moved to Colorado in August of 2017 for a dream job. He joined The Den to help cultivate Jewish experiences in Denver that were common in NYC. In his free time Ari can be found experimenting in the kitchen, carving down the slopes, and home-brewing tasty beverages.

Denver Den Resident: 2018-2019

Ari Schaffel